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Dakota Meadows School


Dakota Meadows reached out to have repairs done to their underground piping. Their main concern was that the old pipe run had exposed pipe on the exterior of the building. This would cause the product to gel before being able to be used. We upgraded their underground pipe to APT double wall pipe and we also installed a new submersible containment. Inside the building we installed a transition sump so they could run new piping to their boiler system. These repairs solved their problem of their fuel gelling and it also covered all compliance with the state.

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Meet our Project Estimators

Keith "KO" Oeltjenbruns

Keith started at B&H in January 2017 and has quickly rose into a premier petroleum equipment design specialist. Specializations include Underground Storage Tank Systems (UST), Aboveground Bulk and Retail Fuel Applications, Cardtrol and Fleet Management systems, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Systems both retail and commercial, bulk lubrication systems, Cathodic Remediation of underground tank and piping systems, tank monitoring and mobile interfacing, and EMV migration at the Point of Sale System and Dispenser/Pump.

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Crystal Valley - Jackson, MN


BH Petroleum Equipment

Crystal Valley reached out to Keith Oeltjenbruns to look over their site in Jackson MN. After Keith did a site visit he went over the options that Crystal Valley had. They decided to install new pipe to all their dispensers, new containment for their dispensers and the submersible pumps and also do some bulk rack work. Lastly they made the site accessible from a remote location as it is an un-maned site. The site is now compliant with the current standards.

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Dakota Mart


BH Petroleum Equipment

Dakato Mart in Good Thunder MN reached out to Keith Oeltjenbruns with needs for a new dispenser and tank monitor. KO discussed with the customer what their options were and decided to go with a new dual side one product dispenser with a custom dispenser canopy and lower doors. This site is now able to dispense unleaded fuel and monitor their underground equipment efficiently.

Meadowland Farmers COOP


BH Petroleum Equipment

Meadowland Farmers COOP contacted Keith Oeltjenbruns to survey their site in Lamberton MN. After Keith discussed their options they decided to remove and install all underground piping, tank and dispenser containments to make them compliant with current standards. They also installed four new dispensers, one of which is a ultra-hi speed diesel dispenser for customers that require quick fueling for their large trucks. This site offers five different fuel products at their gas dispensers and two products of diesel fuel. With the new equipment that has been installed at this site both above and below ground this site can now store and dispense E-85 and B-20 rated fuel.

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Harry Browns


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Harry Browns family automotive located in Faribault MN was looking for a way to be able to fuel their vehicle that are in their inventory. B & H Petroleum setup an fleet management system that allows employees with access cards to be able to fuel individual vehicles at any time. This system also allows them to monitor who is using the fuel system and with which vehicle. It is a very efficient way to monitor and record fleet fueling needs.

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Schroepfer, INC.


BH Petroleum Equipment

Schroepfer, INC. was looking to setup onsite fueling at their new location in Sleepy Eye, MN. With the ability to service the fueling needs of their fleet and anyone looking for a Ultra-High Speed Diesel fueling option with DEF also available. Opening 4/2017!!

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Neumann Oil Co.


BH Petroleum Equipment

Neumann Oil Co. is creating a new bulk facility in preparation for company growth. They are working with B&H Petroleum to build a new AST facility with future expansion to six tanks. Initial installation with add 50,000 gallons of capacity in 2 tanks.

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BH Petroleum Equipment

10,000 Gallon Double Wall Tank Package.

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Granada C-Store


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Due to weather conditions in Minnesota we are subject to extreme freezing and thawing of the ground. This can wreak havoc on a UST system. In this case the customer's tank monitor caught a small amount of water in the bottom of a storage tank. B&H responded by quickly removing the water and diagnosing the issue. It was discovered the spill containment's had been compromised due to the concrete shifting. Quick action allowed for replacement and re-leveling of the lot to alleviate the situation.

Kwik Trip #168 - Big Lake, MN


BH Petroleum Equipment

A 2016 New Store build utilizing the latest equipment from Gilbarco and Franklin Fueling Systems. Expected Completion 7/2016.

BH Petroleum Equipment

United Xpress - Winthrop, MN


BH Petroleum Equipment

Customer was looking to expand their fuel offerings at the pump and add the ability to service and support semi traffic. We updated the two existing tanks onsite with new secondary containment sumps. Added all new pipng and three new tanks with five new comparments for storage. Brand new Ultra-Hi Diesel Dispensers deliver a 70 GPM flowrate to quickly and effciently fill even the largest trucks. A state of the art DEF recirculation system provides a much needed convenient resource for DEF at the pump. A brand new tank monitoring system provides real time information to the base of operations to keep the tanks full of product and with the help of strategically placed sensors allows for worry free operation of the fueling facility! Congratulations on your upgrade UFC and thank you for your business!

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